John Leatherwood

Business Operations Assistant

San Diego Chargers

Gil Saidy & AER Travel have provided us exceptional travel service for over 15 years strong. We are routinely pursued by competing agencies but we feel none can give us the personal touch and value that his close staff provides. If there is ever an issue or concern they are extremely responsive. The AER Travel staff are all veteran industry professionals with extensive knowledge that make mine and others here lives easier on a regular basis. We also endorse AER Travel as the official fan trip provider for the team. They’ve done a great job successfully organizing large, short notice (play-offs) and international trips. We have received zero complaints from shared hotel, transportation & opposing team contacts for multiple said trips each season. The same can’t be said for other groups unofficially providing similar fan travel packages. But no matter how large or small the travel they give every booking the same detail and we feel lucky to have them on our team. I hope this helps in your decision and if you have any other questions please let me know.

Catherine Sweeney

MicroDermis Corporation

I am so impressed with the responsiveness and friendly, efficient work that I and the company, Microdermis Corp, have received from Aer Travel. I have worked directly with Michele, while others from Microdermis have also worked with others. We are so pleased with this new relationship, as our company travel schedule is quite active and having someone so alert to our needs helps tremendously. In the past, I have suspicioned that previous travel agents have not really searched for the best fares and times on our behalf. That concern has never entered my mind when working with Aer Travel. Your company's high integrity is evident; the aspiration for excellence shows with every transaction. I look forward to a long relationship with Aer.

Holly S. Aldrich, PHR

Senior Manager, Human Resources & Operations

Pfenex Inc.

With AER Travel as Pfenex’ travel provider, I feel confident that my travelers will be well taken care of. I believe we are well looked after in terms of my travelers standard domestic travel needs, the more complex international travel needs, and most importantly when the unexpected happens. In today’s busy travel world, when the unexpected happens, you need a seasoned professional to act quickly to get your travelers back home. When a flight is cancelled, there are suddenly 100’s of passengers looking for alternative arrangements, and if you don’t act quickly, your traveler may not be able to secure one of the few remaining seats or hotel accommodations that normally exists in these situations.

I have been very pleased with how our reps have taken care of Pfenex travel needs. My travelers frequently report back to me about what a great job they have done for them. Peace of mind is such a refreshing change of pace when it comes to travel.

Susan Leinberger

Executive Assistant R&D/NPD

Endologix, Inc.

He (Jim Machek) is close to knowing when he has to go to New Zealand and we are considering our options. And ideally, if we know in the next two days, would like to have Christine make the booking. She is an amazing resource, which I am sure you know. We resonate with each other and she makes it easy for me, which I always appreciate. A super star!

Scott Fuller

Territory Manager


Tami, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help last week with my travel. I am the first to admit that my schedule is very dynamic and often kind of crazy. As you could imagine, it is very challenging for me to manage myself and I could not do it without having excellent help like you and Christine helping manage it for me. Because of the excellent service you provide, I choose to always call and use someone on your team rather than trying to manage it myself online.

Last week was a very stressful week for me with a lot of travel, cases, sales calls, and dinners. This made for a lot of last minute changes, stress, time changes, and lack of sleep. As I am now starting on a much needed vacation, my head has cleared a little bit and I wanted to take the time to thank you for your help and your professionalism last week when I was not at my best.

Thanks again for getting me where I needed to be and when I needed to be there. I have some happy customers and I can rest assured knowing we were able to pull it all off, making happy customers, saving lives, and getting back to my family. Thanks again.M